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Pula nagród LC !
News by Balon / 23.09.2009 / 20:24
Ze strony dociera do nas coraz więcej informacji odnośnie finałów ligi LC. Kolejna informacją na którą wszyscy czekali jest pula nagród. Nagrody pieniężne i rzeczowe zebrano na kwotę 132 600zł. Dla America's Army zostało przeznaczone
30 000zł. Kolejnymi informacjami maja być szczegóły finałowych pojedynków.

Liga Cybersport Americas-Army - pula ok. 30 000 zł

I Liga PRO:
8 000 zł gotówka plus nagrody rzeczowe 36.6, Logitech, Qpad
4 000 zł gotówka plus nagrody rzeczowe 36.6, Logitech, Qpad
2 000 zł gotówka plus nagrody rzeczowe 36.6, Qpad

II Liga AMATOR: nagrody rzeczowe 36.6, Logitech, Qpad warte ok. 8 800 zł


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rows, which have their business in the waters. And lo, there about the hol Adidas Originals Stan Smith Naiset low cave trailed a gadding garden v ine, all rich with clusters. And fountains four set orderly were running with clear water, hard by one another, turned each to his own course. And all around soft meadows bloomed of violets and parsley, yea, even a deathless god who came thither might wond Ralph Lauren Hoodie er at the sight and be glad at heart. There the messenger, the slayer of Argos, stood and wondered. Now when he had gazed at all with wonder, anon he went into the wide cave; nor did Calypso, that fair goddess, fail to know him, when she saw him face to face; for the gods use not to be strange one to another, the immortals, not though one have his habitation far away. But he found not Odysseus, the greathearted, within the cave, who sat weeping on the shore even as aforetime, straining his soul Adidas Originals Stan Smith Naiset with tears and groans and griefs, and as he wept he looked wistfully over the unharvested deep. And Calypso, that fair goddess, questioned Hermes, when she had made him sit on a bright shining seat:
‘Wherefore, I pray thee, Hermes, of the golden wand, hast thou come hither, worshipful and welcome, whereas as of old thou wert not wont to visit me? Tell me all thy thought; my heart is set Ralph Lauren Hoodie on fulfilling it, if fulfil it I may, and if it hath been fulfilled in the counsel of fate. But now follow me further, that I may set before thee the entertainment of strangers.’
Therewith the goddess spread a table with ambrosia and set it by him, and mixed the ruddy nectar. So the messenger, the slayer of Argos, did eat and drink. Now after he had supped and comforted his soul with food, at the last he answered, and spake to her on this wise:
‘Thou makest question of me on my coming, a goddess of a god, and I will tell thee this my saying truly, at thy command. ’Twas Zeus that bade me come hither, by no will of mine; nay, who of his free will would speed over such a wondrous space of brine, whereby is no city of mortals that do sacrifice to the gods, and offer cho

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and pricked his ears, even where he lay, Argos, the hound of Odysseus, of the ADIDAS YEEZY 350 BOOST n-speedcross-3-damskie-c-14/ hardy heart, which of old himself had bred, but had got no joy of him, for ere that, he went to sacred Ilios. Now in time past the young men used to lead the hound against wild goats and deer and hares; but as then, despised he lay (his master bein RALPH LAUREN UOMO TUTA g afar) in the deep dung of mules and kine, whereof an ample bed was spread before the doors, till the thralls of Odysseus should carry it away to dung therewith his wide demesne. There lay the dog Argos, full of vermin. Yet even now when he was ware of Odysseus standing by, he wagged his tail and dropped both his ears, but nearer to his master he had not now the strength to draw. But Odysseus looked aside and wiped away a tear that he easily hid from Eumaeus, and straightway he asked him, saying:
‘Eumaeus, verily this is a great marvel, this hound lying here in the dung. Truly he is goodly of growth, but ADIDAS YEEZY 350 BOOST I know not certainly RALPH LAUREN UOMO TUTA if he have speed with this beauty, or if he be comely only, like as are men’s trencher dogs that their lords keep for the pleasure of the eye.’
Then didst thou make answer, swineherd Eumaeus: ‘In very truth this is the dog of a man that has died in a far land. If he were what once he was in limb and in the feats of the chase, when Odysseus left him to go to Troy, soon wouldst thou marvel at the sight of his swiftness and his strength. There was no beast that could flee from him in the deep places of the wood, when he was in pursuit; for even on a track he was the keenest hound. But now he is holden in an evil case, and his lord hath perished far from his own country, and the careless women take no charge of him. Nay, thralls are no more inclined to honest service when their masters have lost the dominion, for Zeus, of the far-borne voice, takes away the half of a man’s virtue, when the day of slavery comes upon him.’
Therewith he passed within the fair-lying house, and went straight to the hall, to the company of the proud wooers. But upon Argos came

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er watch, and ag okulary-rayban-4105 ain laughed at such absurd incapacity. Adidas Originals Forum Mid Miehet Then —
Surely that was a knock at her door? Yes; it was repeated, with a distinct calling of her name. She endeavoured to okulary-rayban-4105 stand up.
‘Miss Madden!’ It was the landlady’s voice. BUTY NIKE AIR JORDAN 4 ‘Miss Madden! Are you in bed yet?’
Virginia succeeded in reaching the door.
‘What is it?’
Another voice spoke.
‘It is I, Virginia. I have come this evening instead of tomorrow. Please let me come in.’
‘Alice? You can’t — I’ll come — wait downstairs.’
She was still able to understand the situation, and able, she thought, to speak coherently, to Adidas Originals Forum Mid Miehet disguise her condition. The things on the table must be put out of sight. In trying to do this, she upset her glass and knocked the empty bottle on to the floor. But in a few minutes bottle, glass, and spirit-kettle were hidden away. The sugar-basin she lost sight of; it still remained in its former place.
Then she opened the door, and with uncertain step went out into the passage.
‘Alice!’ she called aloud.
At once both her sisters appeared, coming out of Monica’s chamber. Monica had partly dressed herself.
‘Why have you come to-night?’ Virginia exclaimed, in a voice which seemed to her own ears perfectly natural.
She tottered, and was obliged to support herself against the wall. The light from her room fell full upon her, and Alice, who had stepped forward to give her a kiss, not only saw, but smelt, that something very strange was the matter. The odour proceeding from the bedroom, and that of Virginia’s breath, left small doubt as to the cause of delay in giving admittance.
Whilst Alice stood bewildered, Monica received an illumination which instantly made clear to her many things in Virginia’s daily life. At the same BUTY NIKE AIR JORDAN 4 moment she understood those mysterious hints concerning her sister in Widdowson’s letters.
‘Come into the room,’ she said abruptly. ‘Come, Virgie.’
‘I don’t understand — why has Alice come to-night? — what’s the time?

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d his heart to endure both the hur oakley kids sunglasses cheap lings an d the evil words in his own halls; but at the last, when the spirit of Zeus, lord of the aegis, aroused him, by the help of Telemachus he took up all the goodly weapons, and laid them lacoste scarpe by in the inner chamber and drew the bolts. Next in his great craft he bade his wife to offer his bow and store of grey iron to the wooers to be the weapons of our contest, luckless that oakley kids sunglasses cheap we were, and the beginning of death. Now not one of us could stretch the string of the strong bow; far short we fell of that might. But when the great bow came to the hands of Odysseus, then we all clamoured and forbade to give him the bow, how much soever he might speak, but Telemachus alone was instant with him and commanded him to take it. Then he took the bow into his hands, the steadfast goodly Odysseus, and lightly he strung it, and sent the arrow through the iron. Then straight he went to the threshold and there took his stand, and poured forth the swift arrows, glancing terribly around, and smote the king Antinous. Thereafter on the others he let fly his bolts, winged for death, with straight aim, and the wooers fell thick one upon another. Then was it known how that some god was their helper, for pressing on as their passion drave them, they slew the men right and left through the halls, and thence there arose a hideous moaning, as heads were smitten and the floor all ran with blood. So we perished, Agamemnon, and even now our bodies lie uncared for in the halls of Odysseus, for the friends of each one at home as yet know nought, even they who might wash the black-clotted blood out of our wounds, and lay out the bodies and wail the dirge, for that is the due of the dead.’
Then the ghost of the son of Atreus answered him: ‘Ah, happy son of Laertes, Odysseus of many devices, yea, for a wife most excellent hast thou gotten, so good was the lacoste scarpe wisdom of constant Penelope, daughter of Icarius, that was duly mindful of Odysseus, her wedded lord. Wherefore the fame of her virtue shall never perish, but

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it for him alone that I mourn and weep, since the gods have wrought for me o Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses ther sore distress. For all the noblest th BUTY ADIDAS NEO MĘSKIE at are princes in the isles, in Dulichium and Same and wooded Zacynthus, and as many as lord it in rocky Ithaca, all these woo my mother and waste my house. But as for her she neither refuseth the hated bridal, nor hath the Ralph Lauren Sweaters heart to make an end: so they devour and minish my house, and ere long will they make havoc likewise of myself.’
Then in heavy displeasure spake unto him Pallas Athene: ‘God help thee! thou art surely sore in need of Odysseus that is afar, to stretch forth his hands upon the shameless wooers. If he could but come now and stand at the entering in of the gate, with helmet and shield and lances twain, as mighty a man as when first I marked him in our house drinking and making merry what time he came up out of Ephyra from Ilus son of Mermerus! For even thither had Odysseus gone on his swift ship to seek a deadly drug, that he might have wherewithal to smear his bronze-shod arrows: but Ilus would in nowise give it to him, for he had in awe the everliving gods. But my father gave it him, for he bare him wondrous love. O that Odysseus might in such strength consort with the wooers: so should they all have swift fate and bitter wedlock! Howbeit these things surely lie on the knees of the gods, whether he shall return or not, and take vengeance in his halls. But I charge thee to take counsel how thou mayest thrust forth the wooers from the hall. Come now, mark and take heed unto my words. On the Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses morrow call the Achaean lords to the assembly, and BUTY ADIDAS NEO MĘSKIE declare thy saying to all, and take the gods to witness. As for the wooers bid them scatter them each one to his own, and for thy mother, if her heart is moved to marriage, let her go back to the hall of that mighty man her father, and her kinsfolk will furnish a wedding feast, and array the gifts of wooing Ralph Lauren Sweaters exceeding many, all that should go back with a daughter dearly beloved. And to thyself I will give a word of wise counsel, if percha

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also to know that I cheap ralph lauren shirts was on cheap ralph lauren shirts ce more in Ireland. And when the people came around me a ADIDAS YEEZY 350 BOOST s they did, I seemed to know every face and to be familiar with every voice. It has been my fate to have so close an intimacy with Ireland, that when I meet an Irishman abroad I always recognize in him more ray ban of a kinsman than I ADIDAS YEEZY 350 BOOST do in your Englishman. I never ask an Englishman from what county he comes, or what was his town. To Irishmen I usually put such questions, and I am generally familiar with the old haunts which they name. I was happy therefore to feel myself again in Ireland, and to walk round, from Queenstown to the river at Passage, by the old way that had once been familiar to my feet.
Or rather I should have been happy if I had not found myself instantly disgraced by ray ban the importunities of my friends. A legion of women surrounded me, imploring alms, begging my honor to bestow my charity on them for the love of the Virgin, using the most holy names in their adjurations for half-pence, clinging to me with that half-joking, half-lachrymose air of importunity which an Irish beggar has assumed as peculiarly her own. There were men, too, who begged as well as women. And the women were sturdy and fat, and, not knowing me as well as I knew them, seemed resolved that their importunities should be successful. After all, I had an old world liking for them in their rags. They were endeared to me by certain memories and associations which I cannot define. But then what would those Americans think of them ��of them and of the country which produced them? That was the reflection which troubled me. A legion of women in rags clamorous for bread, protesting to heaven that they are starving, importunate with voices and with hands, surrounding the stranger when he puts his foot on the soil, so that he cannot escape, does not afford to the cynical American who then first visits us ��and they all are cynical when they visit us ��a bad opportunity for his sarcasm. He can at any rate boast that he sees nothing of that at home. I myself am

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rings him up to town?’ ‘Goodness knows; he was coming ou Oakley Sports Sunglasses t of the British Mu Adidas Originals Stan Smith Naiset seum gate as I drove past.’ It was not unnatural that Mrs Secretary should inquire whether this was a real Abbot who was being spoken of. ‘Oh no, my dear: only a neighbour of ours in the country who bought Lufford Abbey a few year Ralph Lauren City Polo s ago. His real name is Karswell.’ ‘Is he a friend of yours?’ asked Mr Secretary, with a private wink to his wife. The question let loose a torrent of declamation. There Oakley Sports Sunglasses was really nothing to be said for Mr Karswell. Nobody knew what he did with himself: his servants were a horrible set of people; he had invented a new religion for himself, and practised no one could tell what appalling rites; he was very easily offended, and never forgave anybody; he had a dreadful face (so the lady insisted, her husband somewhat demurring); he never did a kind action, and whatever influence he did exert was mischievous. ‘Do the poor man justice, dear,’ the husband interrupted. ‘You forget the treat he gave the school children.’ ‘Forget it, indeed! But I’m glad Adidas Originals Stan Smith Naiset you mentioned it, because it gives an idea of the man. Now, Florence, listen to this. The first winter he was at Lufford this delightful neighbour of ours wrote to the clergyman of his parish (he’s not ours, but we know him very well) and offered to show the school children some magic-lantern slides. He said he had some new kinds, which he thought would interest them. Well, the clergyman was rather surprised, because Mr Karswell had shown himself inclined to be unpleasant to the children — complaining of their trespassing, or something of the sort; but of course he accepted, and the evening was fixed, and our friend went himself to see that everything went right. He said he never had been so thankful Ralph Lauren City Polo for anything as that his own children were all prevented from being there: they were at a children’s party at our house, as a matter of fact. Because this Mr Karswell had evidently set out with the intention of frightening these poor village chi

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life w aiting to be Adidas Originals Stan Smith Miehet explored among the unfathomable wilds.
One day I met a friend — an official in the British Museum — who was full of some new theory about primitive habitations. To me it seemed inconceivably absurd; but he was strong in his confidence, and without flaw in hi RALPH LAUREN UOMO POLO CITY s evidence. The man irritated me, and I burned to prove him wrong, but I could think of no argument which was final against his. Then it flashed upon me that my own experience held the disproof; and without more words I left him, hot, angry with myself, and tantalised by the unattainable.
I might relate my bona-fide experience, but would men believe me? I must bring proofs, I must complete my researches, so as to make them incapable of disbelief. And there in those deserts was waiting the key. There lay the greatest discovery of the century — nay, of the millennium. There, too, lay the road to wealth such as I had never dreamed of. Could I succeed, I should be famous for ever. I would revolutionise history and anthropology; I would systematise folk-lore; Adidas Originals Stan Smith Miehet I would show the world of men the pit whence they were digged and the rock whence they were hewn.
And then began a game of battledore between myself and my conscience.
‘You are a coward,’ said my conscience.
‘I am sufficiently brave,’ I would answer. ‘I have seen things and yet lived. The terror is more than mortal, and I cannot face it.’
‘You are a coward,’ said my conscience.
‘I am not bound to go there again. It would be purely for my own aggrandisement if I went, and not for any matter of duty.’
‘Nevertheless you are a coward,’ said my conscience.
‘In any case the matter can wait.’
‘You are a coward.’
Then came one awful midsummer night, when I lay sleepless and fought the thing out with myself. I knew that the strife was hopeless, that I should have no peace in this world again unless RALPH LAUREN UOMO POLO CITY I made the attempt. The dawn was breaking when I came to the final resolution; and when I rose and looked at my face in a mirror, lo!

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t there was an Artacia in Cyzicus. I Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo n Lamos a very important adventure befel Odyss Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost eus. The cannibals destroyed all his fleet, save one ship, with which he made his escape to the Isle of Circe. Here the enchantress turned part of the crew into swine, but Odysseus, by aid of the god Hermes, redeemed them, and became th BUTY ADIDAS ORIGINALS FORUM MID DAMSKIES e lover of Circe. This adventure, like the story of the Cyclops, is a fairy tale of great antiquity. Dr. Gerland, in his Alt Griechische Marchen in der Odyssee, his shown that the story makes part of the collection of Somadeva, a store of Indian tales, of which 1200 A.D. is the approximate date. Circe appears as a Yackshini, and is conquered when an adventurer seizes her flute whose magic music turns men into beasts. The Indian Circe had the habit of eating the animals into which she transformed men.
We must Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo suppose that the affairs with the Cicones, the Lotus-eaters, the Cyclops, Aeolus, and the Laestrygonians, occupied most of the first year after the fall of Troy. A year was then spent in the Isle of Circe, after which the sailors were eager to make for home. Circe commanded them to go down to Hades, to learn Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost the homeward BUTY ADIDAS ORIGINALS FORUM MID DAMSKIES way from the ghost of the Theban prophet Teiresias. The descent into hell, for some similar purpose, is common in the epics of other races, such as the Finns, and the South-Sea Islanders. The narrative of Odysseus’s visit to the dead (book xi) is one of the most moving passages in the whole poem.
From Teiresias Odysseus learned that, if he would bring his companions home, he must avoid injuring the sacred cattle of the Sun, which pastured in the Isle of Thrinacia. If these were harmed, he would arrive in Ithaca alone, or in the words of the Cyclops’s prayer, I in evil plight, with loss of all his company, on board the ship of strangers, to find sorrow in his house.’ On returning to the Isle Aeaean, Odysseus was warned by Circe of the dangers he would encounter. He and his friends set forth, escaped the Sirens (a sort of mermaidens), evaded the Clashing Rocks, which clo

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day in such a contest, for it co Ralph Lauren Long Sleeved st the life of Ajax, who was foremost of all the ralph lauren italia Danaans after the son of Peleus, alike in stature and prowess.
“When I saw him I tried Ralph Lauren Long Sleeved to pacify him and said, ‘Ajax, will you not forget and forgive even in death, but must the judgement abou Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses t that hateful armour still rankle with you? It cost us Argives dear enough to lose such a tower of strength as you were to us. We mourned you as much as we mourned Achilles son of Peleus himself, nor can the blame be laid on anything ralph lauren italia but on the spite which Jove bore against the Danaans, for it was this that made him counsel your destruction — come hither, therefore, bring your proud spirit into subjection, and hear what I can tell you.’
“He would not answer, but turned away to Erebus and to the other ghosts; nevertheless, I should have made him talk to me in spite of his being so angry, or I should have gone talking to him, only that there were still others among the dead whom I desired to see.
“Then I saw Minos son of Jove with his golden sceptre in his hand sitting in judgement on the dead, and the ghosts were gathered sitting and standing round him in the spacious house of Hades, to learn his sentences upon them.
“After him I saw huge Orion in a meadow full of asphodel driving the ghosts of the wild beasts that he had killed upon the mountains, and he had a great bronze club in his hand, unbreakable for ever and ever.
“And I saw Tityus son Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses of Gaia stretched upon the plain and covering some nine acres of ground. Two vultures on either side of him were digging their beaks into his liver, and he kept on trying to beat them off with his hands, but could not; for he had violated Jove’s mistress Leto as she was going through Panopeus on her way to Pytho.
“I saw also the dreadful fate of Tantalus, who stood in a lake that reached his chin; he was dying to quench his thirst, but could never reach the water, for whenever the poor creature stooped to drink, it dried up and vanished, so that there was nothing but

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eeks, for how many months, have you been dishonouring me an d yourself?’
‘I am not guilty of what ralph lauren milano you believe, but I shan’t try to defend myself. Thank Heaven, this is the end of everything between us! Charge me with what you like. I am going away from you, and I hope we may never meet again.’
‘Yes, yo u are going — no doubt of that. But not before you have answered my questions. Whether with lies or not doesn’t matter much. You shall give your own account of what you have been doing.’
Both panting as if after some supreme effort of their physical force, they stood and looked at each other. Each to the other’s eyes was incredibly transformed. Monica could not have imagined such brutal ferocity in her husband’s face, and she herself had a wild recklessness in her eyes, a scorn and abhorrence in all the lines of her countenance, which made Widdowson feel as if a stranger were before him.
‘I shall answer no question whatever,’ Monica replied. ‘All I want is to leave your house, and never see you again.’
He regretted what he had done. The result of the first day’s espionage being a piece of evidence so incomplete, he had hoped to command himself until more solid proof of his wife’s guilt were forthcoming. But jealousy was too strong for such prudence, and the sight of Monica as she uttered her falsehood made a mere madman of him. Predisposed ralph lauren milano to believe a story of this kind, he could not reason as he might have done if fear of Barfoot had never entered his thoughts. The whole course of dishonour seemed so clear; he traced it from Monica’s earliest meetings with Barfoot at Chelsea. Wavering between the impulse to cast off his wife with every circumstance of public shame, and the piteous desire to arrest her on her path of destruction, he rushed into a middle course, compatible with neither of these intentions. If at this stage he chose to tell Monica what had come to his knowledge, it should have been done with the sternest calm, with dignity capable of shaming her guilt.

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